Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes win Super Bowl LIV

WJZ-AM Radio
February 03, 2020 - 1:34 am

By: Gabby DiPaula

BALTIMORE -- Andy Reid finally finally wins a Super Bowl and Patrick Mahomes became the youngest player to win MVP and a Super Bowl in NFL history.  

This wasn't a blow out and you could argue which team had the better advantage.  Both teams had a great offense with several weapons but the dominant defense really belonged to San Francisco.  However, the Chiefs were able to pull out a win but it almost didn't happen.

Both teams kept it close throughout the entire game.  The Chiefs got the ball first and went three-and-out on their first drive.  San Francisco took five minutes to get down the field to just settle for a field goal.

The Chiefs and the 49ers went into the half 10-10.  It didn't look like the 49ers staff had trust in their quarterback and it took a little for Mahomes, the 2018 regular season MVP to warm up.

Garoppolo took the 49ers down the field in the beginning of the half but the Chiefs defense were able to hold them to another field goal, letting them take the lead once again.  

Mahomes first drive of the third quarter ended with his first interception.  A deep pass intended for WR Tyreek Hill ended in the hands of LB Fred Warner.  The interception led to the 49ers scoring their second touchdown of the game.  At the end of the third quarter the Chiefs were trailing 20-10 and with a full quarter still to be played, it didn't look like Kansas City would be in the winner's circle.  

 Mahomes would later throw another interception in the fourth quarter to S Tarvarius Moore, that was intended for Hill, again.  The Chiefs defense were able to force San Francisco to punt for the first time in the game.  Just shy of nine minutes left in the game, the Chiefs had to score on their next drive.  Mahomes made two pass attempts to Hill before finally connecting on a 44-yard reception.  The first pass was incomplete and the second looked like a completion until San Francisco challenged the ruling and won that overturned the call.   Mahomes couldn't connect with any of his receivers until he finally caught a break with a defensive pass interference on Moore in the end zone.  That penalty put the Chiefs on the 1-yard, and a short pass to TE Travis Kelce in the endzone cut the lead to just a field goal.  

Kansas City forced a three-and-out to put the Chiefs offense back on the field with five minutes remaining.  Another deep pass by Mahomes put the Chiefs on San Francisco's 10-yard line.  A short pass in the end zone to Damien Williams and the extra point gave the Chiefs the lead 24-20.  

With just two minutes left in the Super Bowl, the 49ers were able to convert two first down to keep them alive.  The Chiefs held the 49ers to put the Chiefs offense back on the field.  Just less than two minutes left in the game and with just two plays led to another touchdown by Williams.  The extra point sealed the lead for Kansas City, 31-20.

The 49ers had a minute and change left to try and make a play but on second down, CB Kendall Fuller intercepted Garoppolo that sealed the Super Bowl win for the Chiefs.  A  blown 10-point lead by the 49ers was dominated by the Chiefs offense that led to a Kansas City victory.  

The Chiefs last Super Bowl title was on January 11, 1970.  They defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in Super Bowl IV.