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Was Justin Tucker the Biggest Pro Bowl Snub?

December 20, 2018 - 10:30 am

By Austin Medina  

Every year when the Pro Bowl finalists are announced, there is always controversy on players who were snubbed.

While coaches, players, and the fans vote in the finalists, every team believes one or more of their players were snubbed. Who actually deserved to make the Pro Bowl? More importantly, who was the biggest snub?

Ravens fans were up in arms over seeing Jets kicker Jason Myers represent the AFC and rightfully so. Justin Tucker has been the best kicker in the world for some time now.

Sure Myers has enjoyed a phenomenal season, already converting a career-high 31 field goals for New York. Additionally he has completed 93.9% of his field goal attempts, but this is Justin Tucker we are talking about. Tucker has completed 90.6% of his field goal attempts all-time.

Regardless of the snub, the real question remains. Was Tucker the biggest snub of the year?

There are some serious competitors for that claim that we need to look at before making a decision.

Aaron Rodgers over Russell Wilson?

Rodgers may be the flashiest quarterback since he became the Packers starter in 2008. He has broken many records, won a Super Bowl, compiled a phenomenal touchdown-to-interception ratio, and been (wrongfully) compared to Tom Brady. However the fact that he made the Pro Bowl this season is a joke.

Wilson has a greater completion percentage and thrown for 31 touchdowns. His passer rating blows Rodgers out of the water and Wilson actually has the Seahawks in the playoffs. Let’s stop honoring players that have been great and start honoring players that currently are great.

Tom Brady over Andrew Luck?

Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Still, the Pro Bowl honors those who have produced the best in that particular season. Although the passing yards are similar, Luck has the edge in completion percentage, touchdowns, and quarterback rating.

Luck has the Colts at 8-6, just a game behind the Patriots dynasty. Lets be honest, the Colts were not supposed to be competitive this season and the return of Luck proves just how big a difference one player can make.

Saquon Barkley over Christian McCaffrey?

Of course Saquon is a popular name. After being drafted second overall in last year's draft, he has been the lone bright spot for the abymal New York Giants. As great as he is, McCaffrey has flat out produced a greater season. Before a six-game losing streak haunted by defensive liabilities, the Panthers were a dominant team standing at 6-2.

A huge part of that success came due to McCaffrey, who has ran for seven touchdowns and caught six more. With more than 1,700 all-purpose yards, McCaffrey deserved to be in the Pro Bowl this season.

Benardrick McKinney over Darius Leonard?

My personal argument for biggest snub begins and ends right here. McKinney has been the middle linebacker for the Houston Texans for just over a year. Since, he has received a four-year, $50 million contract. Other than that, he’s known for stealing a Pro Bowl nod from rookie linebacker Darius Leonard.

Leonard has 147 tackles this season (99 solo), with seven sacks, four forced fumbles, and an interception. McKinney has 96 total tackles with 1.5 sacks. The Texans stand atop the AFC South at 10-4, so I assume the extra two wins warrant McKinney getting the nod?

After reviewing my top 5 snubs, who was the biggest Pro Bowl snub? Was it in fact Justin Tucker?

One thing is for sure. There were too many snubs to count this season.

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