Travis Garrison

Doug Pensinger / Staff

Travis Garrison on Life as a Basketball Player at UMD: "I Wasn't Fully Prepared For It."

Vinny & Haynie
May 07, 2019 - 2:49 pm

By Tim Barbalace

Former Terp Travis Garrison joined Vinny and Haynie earlier and opened up about his time at College Park.  Garrison  spoke about the good and bad that he experienced at Maryland and said he uses them as lessons to teach student-athletes how to better prepare themselves for college life.  He then went on to explain what happened in his life after college and what led him to this point in his life.  

Garrison was promoting his newest book: The Gamble: Was it Worth it?  Garrison wrote that, "this is not a book about basketball or sports in general. It is a book about life. Basketball, and other sports provide a lot of good life lessons..."  You can purchase Garrison's book by following the link