Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson

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Michael Vick on Vinny and Haynie: "Lamar is Mike Vick-Plus."

Vinny & Haynie
November 22, 2019 - 3:36 pm

By Tim Barbalace

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Michael Vick joined Vinny and Haynie earlier and spoke glowingly about Lamar Jackson.  Vick talked about how he has had conversations with Lamar over the past few years and how Lamar has taken his advice in stride.  Vick said "it's unfortunate defenses have to deal with this guy week in and week out for the next 12 plus years."

Vick is excited about the trajectory that Lamar is on and compared his game to Lamar's.  Vick also spoke about the evolution of the quarterback position and believes having a variety of different QBs will be better for all 32 teams.  He credited James Urban as a huge proponent to Lamar's improved footwork and accuracy.

Vick also talked about the late Keion Carpenter.  He said that Keion was like a big brother to him.