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Michael Lombardi: "Ravens Lack True Talent on Defense."

Vinny & Haynie
October 02, 2019 - 11:53 am

By Tim Barbalace

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Michael Lombardi, a Radio Dot Com NFL Insider, joined Vinny and Haynie earlier and was very critical of the Ravens defense following their multiple poor performances.  Lombardi believes the team lost their swagger and believes every level of the defense got worse from last year.  He did still think the AFC North was up for grabs because he doesn't believe the Browns will be able to consistently perform at a high level.

Lombardi spoke about the AFC South and why he believes the Colts will win that division.  He was also very critical of the Redskins organization and their decision to insert Dwayne Haskins into the game against the Giants.  Do you think the Ravens defense simply lacks talent?