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Joe Girardi on All-Star Game: "Everyone Needs to Get in the Game."

Vinny & Haynie
July 10, 2019 - 1:26 pm

By Tim Barbalace Sports MLB Insider Joe Girardi joined Vinny and Haynie earlier and gave his impressions on the All-Star Game.  Girardi said that he hated managing All-Star games because he wishes that every player could play in the game because they earned it.  Girardi thinks the MLB should implement a re-entry rule for the All-Star Game.

Girardi also talked about Jake Marisnick's collision with  Jonathan Lucroy from the other night.  Girardi thinks the MLB needs to look into different masks for catcher helmets to better protect the players.  

Girardi also weighed in on the juiced baseball debate and believes that the MLB needs to correct the issue.  He believes the juiced baseball devalues what players have done in the past.  What do you think about the baseball's possibly being juiced?