Hayden Hurst

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Hayden Hurst on 2019: "I'm Just Excited. It's Gonna Be a Really Good Year."

Vinny & Haynie
June 26, 2019 - 1:12 pm

By Tim Barbalace

Hayden Hurst joined Vinny and Haynie earlier and reflected on his rookie season.  Hurst admitted that he was not 100 percent throughout 2018 after undergoing surgery on his foot.  Hurst believes the injury is behind him and is looking forward to having a breakout year.

Hurst talked about putting on 15 pounds of muscle so that he won't be able to be pushed around this season.  He also thinks Lamar Jackson has became more vocal this offseason and has been progressing each day.  Hurst gave plenty of credit to the Ravens strong secondary for giving the offense a tough task each practice and only thinks it will make the team better.

Hurst is very happy with the cohesion of the tight end group and believes that they have tons of potential.  He isn't too worried about the leadership lost throughout the offseason as he sees plenty of players capable of filling the void.  How do you think Hurst will fare in year two?