Photo Credit: USA Today

Six Years Later, Joe Flacco’s Super Bowl Run Still Ranks Among the Best

February 01, 2019 - 7:49 am

By Joe Schiller

It’s all but guaranteed that Joe Flacco will be playing somewhere else next season.

The 34-year-old will likely either be traded or released by the Ravens this offseason as he continues to pursue his football career.

It’s the end of an era that lasted 11 seasons in Baltimore and as Super Bowl LIII is set to be played this Sunday, Flacco still holds one of the most remarkable postseason performances of any quarterback ever to step foot on the gridiron.

Four games – 1,140 passing yards, 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Only Kurt Warner and Joe Montana – both Hall of Famers – have thrown as many touchdowns during a postseason span.

If that doesn’t impress you enough, take into consideration the competition the Ravens faced throughout the 2012 playoffs. Following a 24-9 win over the Colts in the AFC Wild Card round, Flacco defeated Peyton Manning and Tom Brady back-to-back on the road. 

Flacco threw for 571 yards and six touchdowns combined against the eventual first-ballot Hall of Famers. His 70-yard game-tying touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones late in the fourth quarter against the Broncos cemented the “Mile High Miracle” in NFL history, forever. It forced overtime and led the the Ravens' 38-35 win in the AFC Divisional round. 

Flacco went on to earn Super Bowl MVP honors, finishing 22-of-33 for 287 passing yards and three touchdowns in the 34-31 win over the 49ers.

Sure, the “Elite” debate followed and it became oversaturated to the point of no return but it stemmed from the play of Flacco. His production, followed by a contract extension sparked the arguments that followed for years to come.

So while Ravens fans turn their attention to Tom Brady and Jared Goff this weekend on the NFL’s biggest stage, they should be grateful knowing Joe Flacco led them to this point only six years prior in one of the most impressive performances by a player in postseason history.