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3 Takeaways From Brandon Hyde's In-Studio Visit With Scott & Jeremy

Scott & Jeremy
January 25, 2019 - 7:47 pm

By Alex Woodward


Orioles FanFest is tomorrow and new Orioles manager Brandon Hyde was in studio today at 1057 The Fan to chat with Scott Garceau & Jeremy Conn. The 45 year old first time major league manager had a lot to say in his 15 minute chat with the guys but here are the 3 biggest takeaways from today's interview:


1. Brandon Hyde seems like a "bro" in the best possible way

I had very limited interaction with Brandon myself but I get the impression that he will be a very relatable manager for the players. He wasn't dressed flashy for his visit at the studio. Just a white and black flanel. He doesn't give you the vibe that he's trying to be the smartest person in the room and he just seems like he "get's it". With so many young players expected to be key parts of the Orioles future, having a guy as young as Hyde, as down to earth as Hyde and as smart as he is. I think he is the perfect fit for an organization kickstarting a rebuild. One of my favorite things he talked about in today's interview was when he was asked about if he will carry over some of Joe Maddon's unorthodox team building strategies that he saw during his 6 years with the Cubs. 

"We did a lot of fun stuff and Joe is obviously really creative. Joe's mastered the art of it's a 7 month season - 8 months when you're playing in November - and it's a grind and it's tough and to make things loose and to keep guys interested and make things fun. I don't know how many zoo animals and those type of things I will be doing but I will definitely implement ideas and I want ideas from players...I want to collaborate on this thing. It's so hard, I want to have a great time doing it and I want guys to really enjoy playing for the Orioles so we're gonna do some fun stuff for sure."

2. Tomorrow's FanFest will be the first time Hyde meets most of his new players in person

Hyde has only been with the team for a little over a month and given the fact that it's the offseason for players, it's not surprising to hear he hasn't met with most of them. He mentioned in the interview that he has spoken to nearly all of the players over the phone in a "get to know me" type of conversation but tomorrow will be the first time they meet face-to-face. I love the fact that he's already spoken with the players over the phone and I thought it was hilarious when he talked about not being quite sure who's a player and who's not a player when he sees them. 

"We were in the hotel lobby last night and a couple guys walked through and I'm like, 'I wonder if those are our players' I had no idea. He looks like it, 6'2 200(lbs), athletic looking. He's probably going to be at FanFest."

He just seems like a normal guy who's having fun with the experience. It should be interesting to hear his comments tomorrow after meeting with his new players. 

3. There's no BS with Brandon Hyde

I loved Hyde's honesty when asked about meeting most of his players for the first time in person tomorrow and his comments about the future of the team seem realistic and focused. 

First of all, he says that he and Mike Elias are here to change the culture of the Orioles, not just the on-field product. 

"The expecations I've set are gonna be about how we are going to build this culture. The positive environment that we're going to put in place. The style of play that we are going to play. Those are the things that we are going to be talking about and building towards...We (Chicago Cubs) changed the culture first and then all of a sudden we good fast and made really good decisions. Drafted well, made good trades. You do those types of things and you have a really good culture all of a sudden you're in the National League Championship Series like we were in 2015. So that's the mindset we're bringing here."

He also didn't try and sugarcoat the teams plan and expectations for the rebuild. He kept things honest and had a great message to Orioles fans listening. 

"We're going to do the best we can. I just feel really really good about the front office. The relationship that I have with the front office and the coaching staff we have put together. I think we're going to create a positive winning environment. I hope they (the fans) come out and support us and see the work that we're doing and hold us accountable also. It's going to be a great journey and both me and Mike have been through (it). It's so rewarding at the end so hang in there and be with us through the good and bad times."

Hyde said all the right things today. He seems like a guy with a good head on his shoulders and MOST IMPORTANTLY, he and the front office are all on the same page. It might be another losing season for the Orioles in 2019 but these are exciting times. Hopefully I see you at FanFest tomorrow. 

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You can listen to the entire Brandon Hyde interview with Scott & Jeremy by clicking the link below: