Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Ravens Slash Concession Prices Ahead of 2018 Season

May 18, 2018 - 11:21 am

By Joe Schiller

The Baltimore Ravens have been committed to an offseason overhaul on and off the field.

Along with changes on the depth chart, the franchise has made numerous stadium renovations, adding video boards on each corner along with two high-definition screens in the end zones. It’s a commitment to maximizing the fan experience and they are taking it a step further this season.

In a press conference yesterday, the Ravens announced reduced concession prices for 21 items on the menu list.

This is, of course, taking a page out of the Atlanta Falcons’ book. They reduced concession prices in 2017 with the inaugural opening of their new stadium and it proved to be a popular move among fans.

There will be a 33% average price deduction on popular menu items such as soft pretzels, french fries, fountain drinks and even alcoholic beverages. The stadium will also offer $5 domestic 12 oz. beers as a new concession item.

Reductions will cost the Ravens $1.5 million in revenue, a number the franchise will absorb.

According to Yahoo Finance, the average home ticket price for the Ravens ranged between $140-$150 last season. That coupled with expensive food and drinks can rack up the bill, especially for families. But these reductions will help to increase concession popularity and ultimately attendance at games, something that’s been a point of discussion over recent seasons.

This is a step in the right direction to winning back fan attendance but the ultimate determining factor will always be the play on the field.