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3 Quarterbacks Should Be An Easy Decision For Ravens

August 27, 2018 - 11:22 pm

By Alex Woodward

After Lamar Jackson's strongest performance of the preseason on Saturday night, there has been some speculation around whether or not the Ravens will carry 3 quarterbacks on their roster for the first time since 2009.

I'm no GM but just for fun I made my own 53 man roster with Robert Griffin III on the team and I still had 3 open spots up for grabs. It seemed to be a no brainer most of the preseason that the Ravens would keep RG3 on the roster but after Jackson had his best game yet (7/10 98 passing yards TD & 3 rushes for 39 yards TD) and the Ravens lost 6 players in the past week to injury or suspension; some are questioning if that roster spot would be more valuable at a different position.

Jimmy Smith missing games is nothing new and I think the Ravens have the depth to make up for that loss without sacrificing an extra spot on the roster. It really comes down to if they would rather have an extra receiver or tight end instead of Robert Griffin III. I would be stunned if he's not on their Week 1 roster. 

In his first NFL action since 2016, Griffin has looked sharp in his 4 games with the Ravens: 27/41 242 passing yards 1 TD and an INT. That interception was a direct result of Breshad Perriman letting a ball go right through his hands so that can't be held against him.

Robert Griffin III is the more polished and NFL-ready quarterback. He is also a living example of what happens when you are a Heisman winning mobile quarterback who doesn't protect his body. Lamar Jackson has been very impressive in his 2 TD runs but he has also exposed himself to way too many hits. Those runs show his elite talent but he must remember that in order to have long term success, sometimes you have to give up on a play. RG3 waited too long to learn that lesson. 

The Ravens should keep Robert Griffin III on their 53 man roster. He's the better backup option in case Joe Flacco goes down and he can also provide insight and advice for Lamar Jackson to protect himself. If he gets cut in order to add a 6th receiver or a 4th tight end then the Ravens have more faith in Jackson than I thought.

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