A Record High of 312 Home Runs Hit Monday Night in Cleveland

July 09, 2019 - 9:09 pm

By: Gabrielle DiPaula

BALTIMORE – Last season, Bryce Harper won the Home Run Derby in the his previous teams’ stadium.  This year..went a little different, and Harper was not a part of it, nor did the winne win in his teams’ stadium.  

This year the average age of the players in the Derby was 25 years old with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. being the youngest at age 20.

How it’s played: Players have four minutes in each round to hit home runs.  If a tie does occur, each player will have 90 seconds to hit as many home runs as possible. The 

A record high of 312 home runs were hit in Cleveland on Monday night.  Last year only 221 home runs were hit in Washington D.C.  Two rookies this year left the crowd and viewers more than entertained as Mets Pete Alonso and Blue Jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr. were in the final round.  

From the American League, A’s Matt Chapman, Blue Jays’ Guerrero Jr, Astros’ Alex Bregman, and Dodgers’ Joc Pederson.  Guerrero smacked 40 homeruns while Pederson hitting one homerun less, to not advance to the next round.  

From the National League, Mets’ Pete Alonso, Twins’ Carlos Santana, Pirates’ Josh Bell, and Braves’ Ronald Acuña Jr.  Alonso and Acuña made it to the next with Alonso hitting just one more homerun than Acuna JR.

Right now, Guerrero has had 225 at-bats, with a .249 batting average.  Alonso has had 325 at-bats, with a .280 batting average.  Guerrero had a total of eight home runs and Alonso recorded 28 in the first half of the season.  Guerrero saw 207 pitches and swinging at 195 of them.  Alonso also has the most home runs out of the eight participants.  Alonso won the competition with 23 home runs while Guerrero Jr. hit slightly less with 22. 

Only two Orioles have one the Home Run Derby.  One of them was Miguel Tejada in 2004 and, of course, Cal Ripken Jr. in 1991.

Pete Alonso, who is only making league minimum, will now leave Cleveland with a thicker wallet and the winner of the 2019 Home Run Derby.