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Orioles Need A Direction

May 30, 2018 - 8:53 pm

By Alex Woodward

We are now past the "Memorial Day evaluation deadline" and we still don't know any more about the direction of the Orioles than we did before. This season was the "all in" season with many members of the organization in the last year of their contracts. Although, those hopes of pushing for an AL Wild Card spot were over by the end of April.

The Orioles aren't even close to competing this season. They are 20+ games under .500 and they have have consistently owned one of the worst 3 records in the majors. All of these are obviously issues but the larger issue at hand is the state of the Orioles moving forward.

As of right now, Dan Duquette is still the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations above Brady Anderson who serves as the Vice President of Baseball Operations. No one expected this season to start so poorly and as a result there have been rumors about who is actually calling the shots in the warehouse. Duquette was instrumental in pulling the trigger on trades that helped the Orioles make 3 playoff runs in a 5 year span but over the past 2 seasons there have been rumors that Anderson is gaining more and more power. The former all-star Orioles outfielder was reportedly the man behind the signings of Alex Cobb and Andrew Cashner this off-season and he allegedly has a very close relationship with Louis and Jon Angelos; the sons of Orioles owner Peter Angelos.

I just don't see what we are waiting for. The team has struggled to score runs all season long. Manny Machado won't be staying in Baltimore after this season and you absolutely HAVE to get more than a few compensatory picks in his departure. The Orioles have no international scouting money and don't seem intent on using their resources on that department anytime soon. Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette's contracts are both up at the end of the year and the fan base is more frustrated than they have been in the past 10 seasons. Something has to change.

So why hasn't anything changed? It could be fact that the Orioles came into the season with a mindset of keeping who they have in place for the end of their contracts - regardless of results - to go along with the "all-in" montra. I doubt that's the reason. It could be because Peter Angelos is notoriously not in great health and the future of the club might be on hold as the younger Angelos' figure out their own front office hierarchy. That seems more likely to me. Or the power struggle between Dan, Buck and Brady is at such a high point that no one can agree on a plan moving forward. All of this is just speculation but as the July trade deadline quickly approaches and the Orioles fall further and further down the standings; a decision for the future needs to be made sooner than later.

I'm not asking for them to clean house but it is imperative for the organization to give us a clear picture on what this team will look like moving forward and who will be making the roster decisions. The team has no chance at competing this season and if they want to compete in future seasons, they need to put the building blocks of future teams in place now.  The longer they wait the blurrier the picture gets for the future of the club.

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