Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Manny Machado Likes Picture of Himself in Yankees Gear on Instagram

July 13, 2018 - 2:57 pm

By Joe Schiller

The Baltimore Orioles have until July 31st to decide Manny Machado’s fate for the 2018 MLB season. The perennial shortstop will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the regular season and it’s assumed the Orioles will deal him with a little-to-no shot at a reunion next season.

There are a plethora of American League and National League teams vying to add Machado to their starting lineup but his Instagram account may have provided a subtle hint at where the 26-year-old wants to play.

Machado’s Instagram account like a picture of himself in a Yankees uniform just two days ago.

Whether it’s Machado or someone else running the official account, we don’t know, but this is big news regarding his future. According to multiple reports from beat writers following the team, Machado did not want to talk about potentially being traded within the division to the Bronx.

But he is speaking via social media it seems.

The Orioles ultimately have the final say and seem to be holding out for the best possible package and rightfully so. There’s no need to rush and trade Machado at this point and the best case scenario is to let other teams get desperate.

Machado is essentially a “rental” player the rest of the year if traded but given his interests, he could end up in New York City for the long-term.

At least, according to Instagram, that is.