Eutaw Street at Camden Yards

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Low Down Rewind 03/26/20 - Jeremy remembers his favorite opening day moments

Low Down With Jeremy Conn
March 26, 2020 - 8:50 pm

It was a sad day in Baltimore on Thursday without Orioles baseball. The green seats at Camden Yards remained empty and the crowds that usually pack the streets around the stadium were nowhere to be found. Baseball will return at some point but for now we can reminisce about some of the great opening day games in Orioles history. Jeremy did just that on Thursday's show and invited listeners to call and text in with their own memories.

Rob Long from the Big Bad Morning Show joined Jeremy over the phone to help with this trip down memory lane as the two discussed notable opening day moments from their childhood and their professional careers.

Baseball was on our minds all day but football will always be around to dominate the headlines. Without any other sports to watch or talk about the NFL has been leading the news cycle and the Baltimore Ravens have contributed to a lot of those headlines with a handful of additions in free agency. To get an idea of who these new players are, Jeremy welcomed on Gordon McGuinness from Pro Football Focus to break down the tape on Calais Campbell and Michael Brockers.