Jerry Rice and Larry Fitzgerald catch up after a game

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Low Down Rewind 03/25/20 - Who are the top five receivers of all time?

Low Down With Jeremy Conn
March 25, 2020 - 9:42 pm

Here are the highlights from Wednesday's show:

Stefon Diggs took to twitter on Wednesday to ask fans who they consider to be the top five wide receivers of all time. Naturally this sparked a debate and Jeremy weighed in on the Low Down. He also welcomed on "The NFL Chick," Reeta Hubbard to give her top five and also talk about some of the latest free agency moves by the Ravens.

The MLB season was scheduled to begin tomorrow but unfortunately that will not be the case and baseball fans are left heartbroken. While the impact on fans has been rough, the absence of baseball has taken an even bigger toll on the players themselves. Playing a shortened season or no season at all would have a serious impact on contracts and service time among many other things. Ryan Spaeder, co-host of “The Best Baseball Podcast,” joined the show to talk about those lesser known details.