Jeremy Conn

Low Down Rewind 03/24/20 - A behind the scenes look at Tiger King with Robert Moor

Low Down With Jeremy Conn
March 24, 2020 - 10:16 pm

Here are the highlights from Tuesday's show:

Glenn Clark jumped in first to share his thoughts on the Netflix series Tiger King that has everyone buzzing. Not much was discussed in the world of sports but Glenn was kind enough to give Jeremy an update on his recovery from surgery last week.

Next up was Rob Long from the Big Bad Morning Show right here on 105.7 The Fan. The Ravens have made a handful of moves this week including the extension of Jimmy Smith and Chris Moore. Rob and Jeremy discuss these signings as well as some of the bigger news to break around the NFL.

The most anticipated guest of the night was Robert Moor, host of the Joe Exotic: Tiger King Podcast. The popular Netflix series has taken over Jeremy’s life the past few days and who better to discuss the show with than Robert Moor, who spent a lot of time with Joe Exotic a few years ago while writing a magazine article about him. Robert provided a unique behind the scenes look into the life of Joe Exotic and his unusual story.