Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Lamar Jackson receives advice from former MVP

January 15, 2019 - 9:53 am

By Austin Medina 

The new era of Lamar Jackson officially began as the Ravens went on to win six of their last seven games and win the AFC North.

With Joe Flacco expected to be either traded or cut, Jackson will go into the offseason as the true starter. However, the responsibility does not come without its pressures.

As big an impact Jackson provided on the ground game, there is no denying his passing game needs a ton of work. The first three quarters of the Wild Card game against the Chargers showed his flaws.

Former MVP Cam Newton gave some advice to Jackson after a strong rookie campaign.

The "running ability" of Jackson has been overlooked by his average passing ability. Just in his rookie season, Jackson completed just 58.2% of his passes. 

Newton has been the franchise quarterback for the Carolina Panthers since 2011. He has garnered large success with Carolina, winning the MVP and reaching the Super Bowl in 2015. With his success, Newton has been scrutinized for his celebrations, lackadaisical throwing motion, and leadership attributes.

More importantly, Newton’s dual threat ability has led to a variety of injuries in his eight-year career. After starting 6-2 on the season, Newton and the Panthers lost seven of their last eight games and missed the playoffs. Newton missed multiple games due to a shoulder injury, which ended his season early.

Like Newton, Jackson has to develop his passing game and be more cautious in his run attack. In 2014, Newton endured ankle, rib, and back injuries.

For Jackson to be the franchise quarterback of the future, he will have to be dependable. Simply running the ball could get him hurt in the long-term. This offseason is the time for Jackson to develop and evolve his game.