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The Case For Going Back To The Yard

June 26, 2018 - 11:47 pm

By Alex Woodward


Things aren't pretty with the Orioles and they haven't been for awhile. They have had the worst record in the majors for weeks now and attendance is reportedly down 26 percent which is the biggest decline in all of baseball. It's hard to convince yourself to go out to the ballpark and watch one of the worst teams in the majors but don't worry, I'll do the convincing for you!

The Orioles have done their best to try and get fans out to the ballpark. Kids ages 9 and under can now get in for free with the purchase of an upper deck ticket. That's an unprecedented offer that I feel like is still being taken for granted. People often use the excuse, "it's a school night, I'm not taking my kids out that late". Now you don't have to! Those kids get in for free so if you want to leave early, the kids still get a couple innings at the ballpark and you can leave without worrying about if you got your money's worth. It doesn't matter if the team isn't playing that well. I grew up during the 14 consecutive years of losing and I still spent most of my summers at the yard and still cherish those early ballpark memories. Don't deprive the next generation of getting to experience one of the best ballparks in sports just because of your frustrations. Baseball is fun to watch and it's an entirely different experience in person.

The Orioles have also added numerous new items to their ballpark menu and have decreased concession prices to boot. One of my favorite things about going to the yard has always been the food. I rarely eat a hot dog nowadays but if I'm at Camden Yards, that nostalgia kicks in and it makes me want to get a ballpark frank. Now, the menu has expanded from your standard chicken tenders, burger and hot dog stands to gourmet hot dogs made with crabmeat, a "Lobster Hut" behind home plate, sandwiches from Attman's deli and so much more. If you're looking for a reason to go to the yard, I would suggest trying the different menu items. I have only been to 4 major league ballparks but I'll tell you this, not every one has so much variety.

Lastly, I think we need to start going back to the ballpark to appreciate the great players we have while they are here. It's no secret that the Orioles will look to be sellers on the trade market as the July deadline inches closer and closer. That means the players that have been instrumental to the team making the playoffs in 3 of 5 years could no longer be with the club. That includes the obvious choices, Manny Machado and Zach Britton but don't forget guys like Mark Trumbo, Darren O'Day, Brad Brach and fan favorite Adam Jones could all be traded within the next month as well.  However you may feel about the team now, we can't forget that these are the players that brought us so much joy after a decade and a half of misery. Even Chris Davis.

Including this week, the Orioles have just 3 more homestands before the trade deadline. So go out there, cheer on Adam Jones and tell him you appreciate his leadership over the years. Go out there and watch one of the most dominant closers of our era pitch in what could be his last few games at home. Go out there and show them that we don't just support them when they are winning. The players deserve a better send off and Baltimore deserves a better reputation as a baseball town.


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