Photo Courtesy: USA Today

The Capitals Might Not Give the Stanley Cup Back

June 11, 2018 - 10:04 am

By Joe Schiller

The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions for the first time in franchise history and the feeling still hasn’t sunk in four days later. They capped off a thrilling 4-3 Game 5 win over the Vegas Golden Knights to secure Lord Stanley’s Cup and the celebration has been better than anyone could have expected.

The NHL might need to consider making a new trophy because Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals have no plans to return it anytime soon. It started on victory night in Vegas and continued once the team returned to the nation’s capital this weekend. The drunken party hasn’t subsided and it’s provided one of the most memorable championship celebrations in recent history.

It started with Ovechkin tossing the first pitch at the Nationals game on Saturday and the victory tour continued throughout the entire city.

From keg stands in the Cup to playing in the Georgetown Waterfront Fountain, any behavior by any other people would be deemed unacceptable but it doesn’t matter when you’re Stanley Cup Champions.

And of course, the Russian machine himself even spent the night with the cup with endless loops of Queen’s “We are the Champions” on repeat.

What a weekend it was and even the Cup approved.

The crazy part is, the parade hasn’t even started yet. It kicks off tomorrow morning on the National Mall starting at 11 a.m., although fans will be arriving at ungodly hours to watch the celebration in person.

If you thought downtown D.C. was going nuts after the win, just imagine what it’s going to look like in less than 24 hours.