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Flacco falters for new team Broncos

Big Bad Morning Show
September 10, 2019 - 8:55 am

By Austin Medina  

After a successful Sunday in Miami, Ravens fans could sit back and wait until next week’s matchup against the Cardinals.

For some Ravens fans, another alternative was watching former quarterback Joe Flacco make his Denver debut in primetime.

Although both the Ravens and Flacco have moved on, there's no denying the success the latter had during his time in Baltimore. 

During his career, Flacco posted 213 touchdowns and won 96 games in 163 starts for Baltimore including a Super Bowl victory in 2013. His completion percentage hovered around 61%, which is simply average among NFL quarterbacks.

The Ravens traded the former Super Bowl MVP to Denver for a fourth-round pick last March.

Flacco and the Broncos dropped the season opener to Oakland 24-16 and most of the game featured a common theme at quarterback: tons of checkdown passes. 

Sure Flacco’s big arm is still there, as he threw a 53-yard fade to receiver Emmanuel Sanders. He connected with Sanders for a 1-yard touchdown late in the 3rd quarter. Also, he completed 67% of his passes which is tremendous. 

Nevertheless most of the game showed Flacco dipping and ducking, throwing check downs, and misreading pressure. A key play came in the first quarter on a 3rd and 12. Within field goal range, Flacco took a sack that drove the Broncos out of field goal range.

People took to Twiter to voice their displeasure with the 34-yard playcaller. 

Plays like these are all too familiar with Ravens fans the past five seasons. The Denver offense put up just one touchdown and lost to a dysfunctional Raiders team. Flacco’s road doesn’t get easier, as he and the Broncos take on the Chicago Bears next Sunday.

As for Ravens fans, embracing a new quarterback in Lamar Jackson appears to have been the right move all along.