Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Baltimore Ravens: 3 Players That Deserved to Be on the ‘NFL Top 100’ List

July 02, 2018 - 10:27 am

By Joe Schiller

Every year, NFL Network releases its’ “Top 100 List,” ranking the top 100 players of the NFL season. The list is voted on by the players and whether you take it seriously or not (don’t), it serves a purpose, which is to create discussion in one of the driest points of the NFL offseason.

Only one player from the Baltimore Ravens was featured on the list. Middle linebacker C.J. Mosley was ranked No. 98 and deservedly so. He was the top defensive player on the team last season. It’s not surprising to see the Ravens left dry, considering they went 8-8 and missed out of the playoffs for the third straight year.

But the list is subjective and there are a few players other than Mosley on the Ravens' roster that deserve to make the list.


Justin Tucker:

Kickers are rarely shown love and that’s par for the course in the NFL. With just one job, to kick the ball through the uprights, it’s a position easily celebrated or ridiculed. Not one kicker made the list this year and Justin Tucker deserves to be on there.

Tucker has been one of the Ravens’ top offensive weapons since he came into the league in 2012. He went 34-of-37 from distance last season, good enough for 91.9%, which was sixth best among the pack. Tucker possesses what seems like unlimited range and comes through in the clutch for the Ravens time after time. Not to mention, he went 39-for-39 on extra points, an underrated stat, considering the fact that the NFL has made it more difficult for kickers with new rules changes every year.

Tucker is currently the most accurate kicker in NFL history and that deserves some recognition in my book. 


Terrell Suggs:

Even as he gets older, Terrell Suggs continues to turn back the clock. At 35, Suggs had a very solid season in the pass rush department for the Ravens, leading the team with 11 sacks.

To put that into perspective, Von Miller totaled 10 sacks and was the No. 9 ranked player. The list lacks consistency and is more of a popularity contest but if we’re going off some of the best pass rushers last season, Suggs has to be included. Double-digit sacks at his age is an impressive feat nonetheless.

Suggs is likely on his way to Canton, Ohio once he hangs up the cleats but it would be nice to see him receive recognition for an impressive 2017 season.


Alex Collins:

If there’s an argument to make for any of the three players on this list, Alex Collins would have the strongest. His path to success in Baltimore was a mixture of plenty of hard work and skill, along with good timing.

The Ravens acquired Collins on waivers early in the season after he was released by the Seattle Seahawks. He saw the field Week 2 and immediately became an impact player the offense was desperately searching for in the backfield. In 12 games, Collins finished with 973 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.

It’s extremely rare a team finds production on the waiver wire like this but Collins has solidified himself as the starting running back in Baltimore. His north-south physical run style gives him a chance to thrive in a new-look offense.

Collins still isn’t a household name but heading into the 2018 season as the full-fledged starter, if he can repeat the same success, there’s no doubt he will be a 1,000-yard + rusher and a feature on the Top 100 List.