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Ravens Offense Has Record Breaking Potential in 2019

Alex Woodward
September 16, 2019 - 5:27 pm

By Alex Woodward


The Ravens are 2-0 to start their 2019 season and much of the credit goes to the offense. After years of watching an inconsistent offense with a lack of chunk plays, this year's offense is a breath of fresh air for Ravens fans. Lamar has looked like an MVP, "Hollywood" Brown has been electric, the running game has been dynamic and Mark Andrews is emerging as one of the premier tight ends in the NFL. This offense isn't just impressive, it has the potential to be the most explosive offense in Ravens franchise history. 

Yes, I know this offense hasn't exactly faced world beaters on defense the first 2 weeks of the season but they have looked sharp and unpredictable. Week 1, Lamar did all his damage with his arm - proving that he can stand back there and sling it successfully depending on what the defense is giving him. In Week 2, Greg Roman mixed things up by making "Hollywood" a focal point of the first few drives to free up passing lanes for Mark Andrews and friends. Lamar was also forced into using his legs more this week - rushing for a career high 120 rushing yards on16 attempts. Lamar's legs are a threat even if he's not using them and what I like most so far from him this season is the fact that he's scrambling to throw instead of run and he's starting to show that he has an understanding of when to take a few yards with his legs and then avoid the hit. 

Just how good has Lamar been this season? For starters, in his 20 drives on offense this season the team has scored 9 touchdowns, kicked 4 field goals, punted the ball 4 times, they have 1 turnover on downs and one drive each to end a half and to end the game.  That's 13 scoring drives out of 20. Is that good? If that's not enough for you, here are a few more stats to show how impressive Lamar has been in the first 2 weeks:

Lamar wasn't perfect this past Sunday with a few overthrows and one that should have been intercepted but when the throws mattered most, he completed them. He has been hitting receivers in stride and the balanced running attack of Lamar, Ingram, Gus and Justice keeps defenses guessing. Also, his chemistry with Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown has clearly been established as both have 200+ receiving yards already with 2 touchdowns each.

"Hollywood" was impressive in his debut against the Dolphins but we were left wondering how much that had to do with the opponent since he only played 14 snaps. This week, he led the Ravens wide receivers by playing 65% of the snaps which turned into 8 catches on 13 targets for 86 yards and 4 of those receptions resulted in first downs. It appears that Brown won't just be used as a deep threat as the Ravens have also found him on short slants and crossing routes to help create space for him after the catch and much like Lamar, Hollywood showed me yesterday that he's mature enough to know when to take the yards and get down and when to try and break a play open. It looks like he is a legitimate #1 option for Lamar on the outside and you can already make the argument that he's the best wide receiver the Ravens have ever drafted. 

Meanwhile, Mark Andrews has been Mr. Consistency for the Ravens as he has logged 2 straight games with at least 8 catches and 100+ receiving yards. He has a natural chemistry with Lamar, he's a hell of a talent as far as getting open and he has Gronk-like tendencies when guys are trying to bring him down to the ground. Don't let Lamar's performance through the first 2 weeks let you overlook how great Andrews has been. The trio of Lamar, Brown and Andrews has been explosive and it seems like they set a new record every week. 

We very well may be looking at the best Ravens offense in franchise history this season. Lamar looks like he's becoming more of a Russell Wilson/Patrick Mahomes type of player than the Tim Tebow comparisons his doubters were drawing in the offseason. They have one of the best running back committee's in the NFL and they also have arguably the best pass-catching options in team history. 

The most total yards of offense in a season for the Ravens was actually set last year with 5,999 yards. Right now, they are already at 1,083 yards of total offense. The most touchdowns scored in a season for the Ravens was in 2009 when they found paydirt 47 times. Through 2 games in 2019, the team has 10 touchdowns. That means the Ravens are on pace for nearly 8,000 yards of offense and 80 touchdowns...obviously those aren't realistic numbers but it puts in perspective just how good this offense has been and how much potential it holds moving forward. Yes, there will be growing pains and there are still concerns about the offensive line when they face better defenses but this is a young, explosive offense and you should absolutely be excited about it's potential. 

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