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Chris Davis Isn't Going Anywhere

Alex Woodward
August 08, 2019 - 1:18 pm

By Alex Woodward

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Despite fans hoping last night's altercation between Chris Davis and Brandon Hyde will lead to Davis getting released, I don't think he's going anywhere except the bench more often. 

Yes, Davis is completely in the wrong for trying to fight his own manager. It's one thing if he was still mashing homeruns on a regular basis and hitting over .200 but it's an especially bad look for a guy who's fresh off setting the major league record for finishing with the worst batting average in a single season. Does Davis deserve to be on a major league roster? Probably not but he's getting paid either way. 

Davis is owed a ludicrous amount of money and the Orioles are on the hook to pay him whether or not he's on the roster. So why won't they just cut bait? To me, it just doesn't seem like the Orioles think that makes much sense.

They are going to lose a lot of games for the next few seasons with or without Davis. Davis isn't a gold glove first baseman but he's the best glove they have right now at that position and they have said multiple times that they don't plan on rushing Ryan Mountcastle to the majors. With that said Davis did have two bad plays on defense last night. He missed a scoop at first base thrown by Jonathan Villar and he also missed a foul ball next to first base where it appeared if Davis hustled over to the wall, he may have been able to reach over and catch it. Davis' defensive ability isn't keeping him on the team but we have to remember, the plan is to lose a lot of games and acrew multiple years of high draft picks. Davis might be terrible but he is really good at one thing nowadays...helping the team lose games. The front office or manager Brandon Hyde would never admit that but that's the truth. 

The outburst was a terrible look for Davis but if Hyde really wanted the team to get rid of him because he believed Davis was a bad influence he would have been WAY MORE critical of Davis in his post game press conference. Not once did he say Davis' actions were unacceptable. Not once did he say that those kind of outbursts ruin team chemistry. In fact he went out of his way to defend Davis, as he's done all season. 

We still don't know much about what started the argument but details are slowly pouring out.

So there you have it. Davis won't face any discipline from the team and won't be released. It's an in-house issue and the first time Davis has expressed aggression towards anyone besides himself during his 3 year slump. Cutting Davis doesn't fix anything so stop screaming that it's time for him to go. He's here for at least the rest of the 2019 season.

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