(Photo Credit: Joe Angel/Twitter)

Wave him bye bye! Longtime Orioles broadcaster Joe Angel retires

He was the Orioles play-by-play man for different stints over the course of 19 years.

February 14, 2019 - 7:36 pm

By: Austin Medina & Kyle J. Andrews

The voice of Orioles baseball is changing its tone.

Play-by-play broadcaster Joe Angel, 71, has officially retired after 42 years. Angel spent 19 years with the Orioles during three separate stints.

"It's flattering, it's humbling -- at the same time, it's somewhat embarassing," Angel said of the comments on his retirement during Thursday's broadcast of the Hot Stove Show. "I feel great about it. As I began to say, after 42 years of doing it, I think that's enough. I think I've had my time and I think it's a good idea to let a young guy -- guys like Jim [Hunter], guys like you [Steve Melewski] -- a young guy coming out of the minor league to be given a chance to do what I've done for 42 years.

"I think it's a great moment for me. I don't really know what it feels like yet because I'm really off normally at this time of the year, but I think next week, I would be getting ready to go to Spring Training and get re-acquainted with the game and get to know all of the new faces in Orioles camp this year and that's what I would normally be doing. But, that is not the case anymore and I'm looking forward to it. All that I can say is that the Orioles have been fantastic. This is something that has been in the works for several months during the offseason and we finally came to the point that both the Orioles and I came to an agreement [that] this is a good time to say goodbye.

"I'm looking forward to it. Don't know what it feels like yet, but I can't wait to find out."

The Orioles released a statement congratulating Angel for an astounding career and thanking him for nearly two decades of memories.

"Angel broadcasted for a variety of teams in his 42-year career. He began his career covering sports in San Francisco in the 1970s, working with Hall of Famers Al Michaels and Lon Simmons for Giants games. Thereafter, he covered games for the Oakland Athletics, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, and the Florida Marlins. Angel became the first radio voice for the Marlins and broadcasted during their World Series run in 1997, where the Marlins captured their first World Series championship. After a couple years at ESPN, Angel returned to the Orioles and has been with the team since 2004."

The news of his retirement comes nearly two years after long-time co host Fred Manfra retired from the booth in 2017. Angel has created well-known phrases such as “bye-bye” and alerting listeners that the O’s are “in the win column.” Angel's said "bye-bye" a ton from 2015 to 2017. In the three-year span, the Orioles hit 702 homeruns, including a season high 253 homeruns in 2016.

Even though we didn't hear it much last year, as the Orioles won just 47 games, we will not be hearing "in the win column" from Angel in 2019.

As the Orioles gear up for their rebuild, they will do so without their voice.