The Terps missed opportunities allow them to fall to the Spartans

November 03, 2018 - 8:26 pm

COLLEGE PARK — The University of Maryland had a pretty emotional week, especially for the football team. The Terps falling to Michigan State did nothing, but put the cherry on top of a week filled with dread. 

Maryland missed three huge opportunities late in the game to possibly come back. Although, the T did not give up, they still did not execute on those missed chances. It was an unfortunate week for the Terps filled with emotions and then a loss to Michigan State. Maryland only needs one more game to be bowl eligible.  The Terps next game is against Indiana, in Bloomington, on Saturday.

And then the series of unfortunate events kicked off for the Terps. Michigan State’s, Bryce Baringer, punted an untouched football just eight yards deep, giving the Terps a great opportunity to score. Hill and the offense were not able to complete any passes, allowing them to miss, what could have been, a huge chance to get some points. Another missed opportunity happened in the beginning of the fourth quarter when running back Javon Leake rushed for only two yards just to have the fumble forced by Michigan State. The Spartans recovered the fumble putting them back, again, on offense. Just two plays later and Michigan’s quarterback, Brian Lewerke, throws the football straight to RaVon Davis for an interception.  Hill and the Terps offense could not get down the field, resulting in zero points and the first, big opportunity they missed.  The Spartans eventually, put in their other quarterback, Rocky Lombardi, who threw a pass that was intercepted, by the Terps, Byron Cowart. This, unfortunately, was not the end of the play. Cowart ran it in just a hair shy of the endzone, fumbled the ball, and it was recovered by Michigan State’s, Matt Dotson, that ended in a touchback.  The final score to the game was 24-3.      

Several drives later, the Spartans had possession again and were deep in Maryland territory. Heyward, again, pushed through the Terps defense, fumbled the ball in the endzone, and was then recovered by his own teammate Max Rosenthal. That storm resulted in a touchdown.

The second half was underway with Maryland kicker, Joseph Petrino, who kicked the ball deep to Michigan State’s own one-yard line. That did not stop Heyward to return the kick for 49-yards, only being pushed out by Petrino.  

Maryland went 3-and-out, bringing punter Wade Lees who kicked a short 34-yard punt to the Terps own 42-yard line. It was not until late in the first quarter that Maryland earned their first, first down. By halftime, the Terps only totaled 57-yards, while Michigan State earned a total of 155-yards.  

Terps finally were back on offense to attempt to get down the field, and a false start by freshman Jeshaun Jones pushed them to there own 21-yard line. A bad snap later, quarterback Kasim Hill, gets put down with a sack, fumbles, and then was able to somehow recover it.   

Michigan State put the first points on the board with the offense creating a perfect gap for running back, Connor Heyward, to score an 18-yard touchdown. The Spartans showing up on the scoreboard first was just the beginning of the error-filled game for Maryland.