Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Terps New Interim Head Coach Addresses Health and Safety

Matt Canada speaks as new interim head coach

August 16, 2018 - 6:46 pm

By Austin Medina  

If you haven’t been following the Maryland football controversy, take a look at Terry Ford’s latest piece. If you have been following, a new development took place over the past 24 hours.

New interim head coach Matt Canada addressed the media for the first time since given the title.

The tragic death of Terrapins offensive lineman Jordan McNair has rightfully seen the firing of many Terps personnel.

McNair passed away due to heat stroke according to reports, after a brutal practice in May. The “culture” in the program, one of intimidation and pushing players to extreme limits, is under intense scrutiny. And rightfully so!

Canada spoke about health and safety a ton in his first presser.

“The focus of our players' health and safety is No. 1, and our players are feeling that and understanding that. That's our primary focus,” Canada stated according to ESPN.

According to a variety of articles, the players had two large tents acting as cooling stations. Misting fans and ice buckets were scattered within the tents. Coaches and trainers gave multiple breaks and made sure the players were thoroughly hydrated.

Canada, for what it’s worth, has been in a similar situation in his time at Northern Iowa. As quarterbacks coach in 2002, Northern Iowa player Jawan Jackson passed away after a conditioning drill. Even though the situations are tragic, Canada’s seems to be well-equipped to lead the team after McNair’s unfortunate death.

The full Walters Report is expected to be released in mid-September, though the Terps have their first game September 1st when they host Texas.