Credit: USA Today

Ravens Receive Only a Sixth-Round Compensatory Draft Pick

The Ravens had been projected to get a third-round pick

February 28, 2018 - 3:40 pm

The Ravens were surprised on Friday to find out they received only a sixth-round compensatory pick in 2017 NFL draft. 

Offensive tackle Rick Wagner's injury last season hurt in the Raven's draft pick this year.

Wagner left the Ravens for the Detriot Lions in free agency last season. The injury to his ankle limited him to 13 games last season, Snap counts figure into the comp pick formula, and Wagner was hurt for his first game back in Baltimore. 

The Ravens' loss of Wagner didn't earn the team an extra third-rounder, but was instead canceled out by the Ravens's addition of safety Tony Jefferson.  

The Ravens' eigth draft picks this season are as follows:

First round: No. 16 overall 

Second round: No. 52 overall 

Third round: No. 83 

Fourth round: No. 118 overall 

Fifth round: No. 154 overall 

Sixth round: Nos. 190 & 215 overall 

Seventh round: No. 238