Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Ravens offense will “shock some people” in 2019

July 02, 2019 - 10:46 am

By Austin Medina  

Opposing defenses knew what to expect from the Ravens offense in 2018. The Ravens used a smash mouth, rushing attack headed by rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson. All that mattered was whether or not opposing defenses could stop the rushing attack.

For a majority of the Ravens finish to the season, their offense overwhelmed opponents with strength and play design. However the Ravens’ playoff loss to the Chargers proved that Baltimore, Jackson specifically, had a ton to work on.

Backup quarterback Robert Griffin III spoke about the offense heading into 2019, under new offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

"The offense will look different. I think we'll shock some people with what we're going to do,” Griffin said on the Ravens team website. “If we need to run it 60 times, we can do it. But if we need to throw it 30 to 40 times, we can also do it. I think that's what we're working on, to make sure we have those capabilities."

Balance proved to be an issue for Baltimore last season. Gus Edwards became a star and receiver Michael Crabtree became serviceable. Marty Mornhigweg’s offense relied almost entirely on the run.

In five of their last seven regular season games led by Jackson, the Ravens ran for more than 200 yards. During the same span Baltimore threw for more than 175 passing yards in just one game, a road win against the Chargers.

Under Greg Roman, the Ravens appear to be ready to use a bit more balance. For Griffin III, the offense will emphasize exploiting mismatches.

"This game is about mismatches and that's what we're trying to create," Griffin stated. "You get a guy like Hollywood, it's a speed mismatch. When you get a guy like Boykin, it's a height and reach mismatch. Get them in situations where they can be successful.”

There is no denying the new rookie Ravens have traits to give opposing defenses headaches. Boykin showcased unbelievable numbers at the combine. In exception for his 40-yard dash, his number were more impressive than any receiver at the NFL Combine.

As for Brown, his speed is something special. Although he didn’t run the 40-yard dash at the combine, Brown believed he could’ve broke the Combine record for the 40.

With Brown expected to be healthy for training camp, the Ravens will look to show an offense capable of doing it on both sides of the coin.