Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Ravens Name Jackson Starter, Flacco to Backup

Flacco (Healthy) to serve as backup

December 12, 2018 - 2:17 pm

By Austin Medina  

For the past month, rookie Lamar Jackson has started for the Baltimore Ravens. But “officially”, that was due to Joe Flacco nursing his hip injury.

For the first time since Flacco has been listed as healthy, Jackson has been named the starter.

What does this mean?

It means that Flacco has lost his starting job, without any excuses of an injury being the cause.

Jackson has gone 3-1 in his first four starts, including a down-to-the-wire defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Flacco, who has started the majority of games under John Harbaugh, has officially lost his starting role and he commented on the decision.

After winning Super Bowl MVP in 2013, Flacco has come under a ton of scrutiny for his average play, especially after receiving a $40 million signing bonus.

The Ravens offense under Jackson clearly has limitations, but the run game has thrived in the process. For Flacco, he needs to remain ready and be able to go if called upon.

The Ravens have a huge three-game stretch that will make or break their playoff hopes. If there are any speed bumps, the Ravens have a backup quarterback who has been there before. This is a huge plus to have going forward, even with all of Flacco’s flaws.