Orioles GM Dan Duquette Joins the Big Bad Morning Show

Speaks on Machado trade, future of the Orioles

Big Bad Morning Show
July 20, 2018 - 12:24 pm

Photo Courtesy: USA Today


By Austin Medina  

Orioles General Manager Dan Duquette stopped by the Big Bad Morning Show Friday morning to talk all things Orioles.

After the Manny Machado trade, Duquette spoke about the mentality going into the trade, the value received, and the organization’s direction going forward.

“Our strategy and our plan is to rebuild our ball club with a complete organizational buy-in, including the ownership and trading (Manny) is the first step in that process.”  

When considering all trade offers for Machado, Duquette looked at the Dodgers as a suitable partner due to the Yu Darvish trade last season. When the Dodgers traded for Darvish, they gave the Rangers three top players from their farm system. Duquette saw the Dodgers as a way to improve the Orioles farm, by trading a player as great as Machado for multiple talented prospects.

Not only did Baltimore improve their farm, they added five players (as opposed to three). Duquette spoke about each of the players received in the trade with the guys.

When talking about Diaz, Duquette clearly is happy about his potential.

"We like (Diaz). He’s a natural hitter with developing power. In the Future’s Game, Diaz hit two homeruns and proved “he has the power our scouts have been projecting.”

Duquette went on to talk about the two pitchers received in the trade, Zach Pop and Dean Kremer.

He stated that Pop has “a really good sinker and a slider nobody’s hit yet.” He loved what he saw from Kremer at the World Baseball Classic, as Kremer pitched for Team Israel. Both players have tremendous upside. Both players will play in Bowie, the Orioles Double-A team.

The acquisition of Rylan Bannon is intriguing since “all he’s done is hit .300 while being a gritty infielder” at Class-A.

Duquette made a fascinating comment about Breyvic Valera, which should have Orioles fans excited. He said that Valera “has a good chance of coming up (and playing second base) before the end of the season.”

The crew asked Duquette about taking so long to trade Machado and why he wasn’t traded sooner.

“The club was trying to remain competitive and that’s why they kept (Machado).”

It’s no secret what the O’s are looking to do going forward. A complete rebuild is underway and Duquette wanted to be very clear with the fans. The rebuild will go “into 2019 and may also continue in 2020.”

Of course the Orioles have more work to be done. Players such as Zach Britton should be traded before this year's deadline. Although a rebuild is never easy, the Orioles are poised in receiving as much talent as possible in future trades.