Orioles GM Mike Elias will not be implicated in Astros cheating scandal

Big Bad Morning Show
February 07, 2020 - 10:41 am

Photo Courtesy: USA Today


By Austin Medina  

For most of the offseason, the Houston Astros and their cheating ways have been the talk. 

In an article with The Athletic, Orioles GM Mike Elias spoke about his role at his previous job with the Astros. 

From 2012-2018, Elias served as the Director of Amateur Scouting before becoming the Assistant General Manager.

“But I have said, and I will say, that my role there was running the minor leagues, running the international scouting, running the draft,” Elias told Connolly. “And I was very focused on it. I’ll leave it at that.”

It must be restated that Elias was not implicated in the report released by the MLB in January and his words are consistent with the league's findings. 

When asked if any of those tactics were brought over to the Orioles organization, Elias assured Connolly that the O's will "do things the right way."

Elias made sure he didn't speak to much about the Astros organization as it would not be "appropriate" coming from the current Orioles GM. 

Along with Elias, several Orioles front office members served with the Astros in recent years. With that said, Elias made clear that Assistant GM Sig Mejdal, Director of Baseball Development Eve Rosebaum, and Director of Pitching Chris Holt will also not be implicated. 

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