Photo Courtesy: USA Today

NBA Playoff Preview- East

April 13, 2018 - 12:59 pm

By Austin Medina

In the beginning of the year, the East had a lot of promise of dethroning the King. LeBron, who rightfully so is the favorite every year to win the conference, had a legitimate threat in Boston. The injuries to Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving have made the #2 Celtics a weak opponent. The Raptors are a solid unit though they tend to crumble when LeBron’s in the arena. Nevertheless a few surprise teams like Philadelphia and Indiana are looking to continue their shocking success.


#1 Raptors vs. #8 Wizards

Will this be the year John Wall shows just how talented he is and go deep in the playoffs? The jury is still out about Wall’s importance in Washington, as Bradley Beal led the Wizards to a playoff berth. The Wizards have the potential to be a scary team, it depends on the production of Wall. Toronto has 10 players ready to play at any given moment. Expect a competitive series, yet ultimately Toronto will advance. They're a confident bunch and are playing for legitimacy. A first round exit would be more than devastating, but I have faith atleast to get past Washington. 

Raptors in Six

#2 Celtics vs. #7 Bucks

The injury-riddled Celtics caught a blessing in the first round, as a matchup with Washington or Miami may have sent them home in the first round. The Bucks are led by Giannis Antetokounmpo and they have a talented supporting cast. If the Greek Freak goes crazy, perhaps the Bucks can upset Boston. Simply put, I’ll pick the team with the better coach.

Celtics in Seven

#3 76ers vs. #6 Heat

Many have been quick to jump on the Sixers bandwagon. Not me. The Sixers have a talented bunch led by rookie Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. They have phenomenal three-point shooters and a hungry mentality. That sad, the Heat are just as deep as the Raptors and have a great coach in Erik Spoelstra. Miami have a closer down the stretch in Dwayne Wade, which the Sixers do not have. The Process will be stalled.

Heat in Seven

#4 Cavaliers vs. #5 Pacers

Indiana is a nice story with new star Victor Oladipo surged on to the scene. He’ll be the Most Improved Player this season but let’s be realistic. They are playing LeBron James. The Cavs have done a lot of plugging in regards to their talent. Trades and signings have been the theme of their rollercoaster season. Their team has genuine concerns, but that will be exposed in later rounds.

Cavaliers in Four