Maryland just could not keep up with the Wolverines offense

October 06, 2018 - 6:46 pm

Maryland faced their second Big Ten conference opponent on Saturday. The No. 15 Michigan defeated Maryland 42-21, in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

            Maryland started out strong holding Michigan to just a field goal late in the first quarter.  Ty Johnson answered quickly to a 98-yard kick, putting Maryland on the board, 7-3.  The Wolverines did not score again until the middle of the second quarter with a 1-yard touchdown.    Before the half even ended, we saw Maryland’s momentum quickly spiral, while the Wolverines scored another touchdown that made it 17-7.  

            After the half, Michigan recorded another field goal in the middle of the third quarter that made it 20-7.  The Terps did not score again until late in the third quarter with a touchdown by Anthony McFarland.  Throughout the game, Maryland continued to bank on their run game to get through the Michigan defense, averaging four yards per carry.  Of course, Michigan continued to out score the Terps with a touchdown and a two-point conversion, that made it 14-42.  Maryland made an attempt to use their pass game and got intercepted by Michigan’s defensive back, Brandon Watson, for a 46-yard touchdown.  Tyrrell Pigrome, Maryland’s second-string quarterback, came in late in the fourth quarter, to score a touchdown for the Terps.   That made it both teams last time to put points on the board, finalizing the score 42-21.

             It was not a clean game for Maryland by any means.   Both Maryland players, Rayshad Lewis and Tre Watson, were ejected in the game for targeting.  For most of the game, Maryland did not show any light of a passing game.  The Terps only passed for 73 yards, while Michigan passed for 294 yards.  If Maryland kept the momentum going from the first quarter, they might have had a better shot of competing with Michigan.  They have several things to do before there next game.


       Maryland’s next game is Saturday against Rutgers at Byrd Stadium.