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The Kawhi Leonard Sweepstakes

June 28, 2018 - 8:59 am

By Austin Medina  

Of all the reports, it’s pretty clear of what Kawhi Leonard doesn’t want. He doesn’t want to be a San Antonio Spur.

The latest reports sum up the entire process through Leonard’s eyes that his time in San Antonio is over.

Whether or not the Spurs trade him in a timely fashion is unknown. A lot weighs on the Spurs decision, as LeBron James' future is included. James appears to want stars in Los Angeles before committing to the Lakers. The Lakers are in scramble-mode as they look to trade for Leonard, in hopes that LeBron will follow.

The fact that Paul George doesn’t seem “all-in” on signing with the Lakers, as expected, has caused a panic within the Lakers organization. He appears to want to stay on Oklahoma City, which makes the Kawhi Leonard situation all the more intriguing.

There are a number of teams looking to trade for Kawhi Leonard. The biggest issue is whether Kawhi would commit to the team and sign long-term. Why give up a ton of assets for a one-year rental? The right to Kawhi Leonard require a ton of assets.

It’s been reported that the Spurs would look to acquire Kyrie Irving (from Boston) or Brandon Ingram (from LA) to start any trade discussion for Leonard. Teams such as Philadelphia and Cleveland are on the outside looking in, as they most likely can’t give a better package for the Claw.

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For the Lakers, next year could be the year. Trade for Kawhi Leonard. LeBron James follows. Perhaps Paul George changes his mind. This potential super-team would be able to compete with any team in the league, including the back-to-back NBA Champion Warriors.

However if the Lakers don’t act soon, they could miss out on a trade for Leonard. LeBron wants a decision to be made before July 4th, and if a trade isn’t done by then, the Lakers would miss out on him too. Additionally why would Paul George go to the Lakers, who won 35 games last season and have made no additions instead of teaming with Russell Westbrook and receiving more money? Not many reasonable explanations for that.

The NBA Free Agency hasn’t officially started and has it heated up already!

It’s going to be an exciting summer, to say the least.