Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Jaguars Attempted to Trade for Griffin III Twice

April 04, 2019 - 9:58 am

By Austin Medina  

The Ravens recently resigned Robert Griffin III to a two year contract worth up to $4 million. 

Griffin III will serve as Lamar Jackson's backup, but that isn't to say Griffin III did not have a market. 

According to Griffin III, the Jaguars were interested and made two attempts to trade for the 29 year old. 

On the "Lounge Podcast", a podcast for the Ravens, Griffin III explained further. 

"Jacksonville tried to trade for me at the end of the preseason and right before the trade deadline, so we knew that was an opportunity and there'd be a chance if things didn't work out with Nick Foles." 

Of course the Jaguars would go on to sign Foles to a four-year, $88 million contract. Foles, who served as a backup initially in Philadelphia, filled in for Carson Wentz and went on to win Super Bowl MVP in 2017.

It makes you wonder if the Jaguars were able to finalize a trade for Griffin III, would they have overpaid for Foles?

The Jaguars have be unable to secure a franchise quarterback for more than a decade and using Griffin III as a bridge for a young prospect ould have been a viable option. The Jaguars have the 7th overall pick in the upcoming draft, so drafting a player such as Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock would need to sit for a season. 

Griffin III has been a serviceable backup since reentering the league, but it's interesting to think what his trade value was last season. If the Jaguars did in fact make trade offers, what did they offer to Baltimore? Should Baltimore have taken it?

With a young quarterback in Jackson who relies heavy on his legs, the Ravens were smart to lock up a backup such as Griffin III. 

Recently, Griffin III made headlines by showing desires to becoming the starting quarterback in Baltimore. 

Regardless, Griffin III on the Ravens roster makes them better. Although the trade value hasn't been reported, I'd suspect it wasn't worth trading Griffin III.