Maryland lost a huge opportunity for bowl eligibility

November 10, 2018 - 3:57 pm

Maryland had a quick start in the first quarter but could not get the job done.

      Although, the first play of the game almost resulted in a sack, quarterback Kasim Hill and the Terp’s offense made up for it.  Freshman star, Jeshaun Jones, completed the first, first down of the game, getting Maryland down the field.    Senior running back, Ty Johnson, helped out the Maryland offense running for a 15-yard gain to give his another first down.  Another freshman star, running back Anthony McFarland had a huge run to get Maryland to the Indiana 34-yard line.  Hill and the offense could not complete the job of the first scoring drive, settling for just a field goal for the Terps.   

            Indiana made their first appearance on the field after Maryland settling for a field goal and went 3-and-out only recording one yard. 

            Later in the first quarter, Maryland still could get complete the job on offense.   Jones had a long run for 16-yards to get the Terps on their own 44-yard line and a first down.  McFarland, followed Jones, adding another first down for the Terps, putting them on their own 28-yard line.   The Terps had to settle, again, for a 31-yard field goal by freshman kicker Joseph Petrino. 

            Unfortunately, the Terps started to lose their rhythm in the second quarter.  Indiana’s quarterback, Peyton Ramsey, went through three of Maryland’s defenders to score the first touchdown of the game.  Maryland tried answering to Indiana but Hill’s pass was intercepted by Jaylin Williams. Just three plays later, Donavan Hale completed a pass from Ramsey that resulted in a touchdown.  Later in the second quarter, Hill tried to make a play resulting in a tackle and did not make a return in the game.  Late in the half, Maryland finally found a way to get a touchdown by sophomore running back Tayon Fleet-Davis.  Petrino did not make the extra point putting Maryland down by nine points instead of eight.  Right before the half, Maryland settled for another field goal that made it 21-15.

            The beginning of the third quarter was dominated by the Hoosiers who scored a 19-yard touchdown by junior wide receive Nick Westbrooke.  They followed the next offense opportunity with a field goal, giving them a seven point lead.  Maryland did not score again until later in the third quarter when Javon Leake had a 27-yard touchdown. 

            The next scoring drive consisted of a 39-yard field goal by Petrino in the beginning of the fourth quarter.  That was Petrino’s fourth field goal of the game.  Later in the quarter, Donte Demus completed a pass from Pigrome for a 51-yard gain.  Then, Pigrome hit Jones, who reached for a touchdown, giving Maryland a one-point lead.  The Terps attempted to go for the 2-point conversion but Fleet-Davis was just short of the goal line.  Hoosiers kicker, Logan Justus, kicked for a 42-yard field goal, putting Indiana up by two points with 2:32 left in the game.  Just when the Terps started to gain their confidence back, a fumble by Pigrome put a stop to the march down the field.  It was the fourth turnover that Indiana forced.  Indiana was able to hold off Maryland 34-32.  

            This was one of the last real opportunities Maryland had to be bowl-eligible this year.  The remaining games on the their schedule are two ranked opponents, Ohio State and Penn State.  Maryland plays next Saturday in College Park against Ohio State.