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Huge storyline ahead of Ravens-Rams game

Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib Meet Again

August 08, 2018 - 5:09 pm

By Austin Medina   

It’s tough to find any storylines among veteran players during the preseason. Over the past decade, it would probably be less than two handfuls.

Other than starting positions up-for-grabs and the debut of Joe Flacco, there is one matchup to watch Thursday night.

Newly signed receiver Michael Crabtree has many fans excited for the 2018 season. Crabtree has proven to be a reliable possession receiver over his career. He has caught more than eight touchdowns every season since 2015.

The matchup to watch is with new Rams cornerback Aqib Talib. Talib faced off with Crabtree in epic AFC West showdowns the past few seasons, having previously played for the Broncos. Crabtree, who played his last three seasons with the Raiders, can’t seem to get away from Talib.

Who can forget the, not one but, two fights between Crabtree and Talib? The jawing. The shoving. The chain-grabbing. Just in case you forgot…

The Rams have been practicing with the Ravens in joint-practices, in preparation for Thursday night. Talib has spoken on the tension between he and #15.

It's difficult to believe that the tension between the two is over. Crabtree has yet to comment on the relationship with Talib or the upcoming showdown, but one thing is certain. Physicality will be on full display.

Although both players will be in limited action, this could be the perfect game to set the tone early for the Ravens offense. Crabtree could instill a “take no prisoners” mentality and certain grit that would improve the offense in Baltimore.

We all know this side of the ball needs a spark, so why not use some bad blood to light it?

Crabtree should look to be physical not only with Talib, but the entire Rams defense. The Ravens have always been, if nothing else, one thing. Tough.

Tune in Thursday night to see what Crabtree’s response to Talib is and to get a first-look at the Ravens offense this season.