Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Former Ravens Coach Concerned for Lamar Jackson

February 08, 2019 - 12:30 pm

By Austin Medina  

With an entire offseason to prepare, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has a lot to improve on.

Even after winning five of the final six regular season games and securing the AFC North division crown, critics and fans have still showed concern for Jackson’s ability to lead a team.

General Manager Eric DeCosta spoke on the flexibility Baltimore will have this offseason with Jackson at quarterback. Since 2008, Joe Flacco has been that and for years has handicapped the Ravens from being able to spend, spend, spend.

"This is a really, really fun, exciting offseason, because we get a chance to look at other teams, and maybe even have the chance to draft some players or add some players that maybe other teams don't like as much as we do because we're doing something different," DeCosta said to Jamison Hensley via ESPN. "So, we may be able to find or exploit that situation a little bit."

Jackson’s ability on the ground proved to be difficult to stop this season. When Jackson began starting in Week 11, the Ravens rush attack shocked the world.

With all the success, former Ravens head coach Brian Billick spoke on how the Ravens going “all-in” on Jackson can prove to be “boom-or-bust”.

Billick coached the Ravens from 1999-2007, going 80-64 along with a Super Bowl victory in 2000. Jackson brought to the NFL what he did at Louisville, but is it sustainable?

The new and diverse offense in the NFL has many people concerned. Jackson’s inability to throw accurate passes has to be worked on. That said, Jackson proved one thing above anything else. With him at the helm, the Ravens can win games.

This offseason will prove to be a crucial one in the coming years and it will exciting to see just who the Ravens bring in.