Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Eric Weddle plays recruiter in pursuit of Dez Bryant

April 17, 2018 - 5:07 pm

By Joe Schiller

Since his arrival in Baltimore two years ago, it’s taken no time for Eric Weddle to kickstart the recruitment trail for other players. The veteran safety has found a home with the Ravens and hasn’t been shy about expressing those feelings to other free agents.

And in some cases, it’s worked.

Weddle played an integral part in the additions of safety Tony Jefferson and former teammate Danny Woodhead last offseason. The Ravens have continually been at the bottom of the league in terms of cap space but have still managed to land high-profile free agents.

With a continued need a wide receiver heading into the 2018 season, Weddle has taken his shot at legal tampering yet again, focusing his efforts on recruiting former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

“I’ve reached out to him,” Weddle said. “If we got a shot at him, we’ll see what happens.”

Whether it’s been public comments or social media tactics, Weddle has actively been involved in the recruiting process. That speaks volumes from a veteran player who’s yet to reach a Conference Championship or Super Bowl appearance now entering his 12th season.

Bryant has spoken publicly about the possibility of staying in the NFC East but the Ravens are reportedly interested in bringing him to Baltimore. Pairing Bryant with Michael Crabtree and John Brown would only bolster Joe Flacco’s arsenal this upcoming season.

The Ravens possess the wiggle to strike a deal and continued recruitment efforts by Weddle and the rest of the locker room will play its role.