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Could Flacco AND Jackson work?

Lamar Jackson lining up at multiple positions with Flacco at QB

June 13, 2018 - 10:00 am

By Austin Medina

When the Baltimore Ravens traded up and drafted Lamar Jackson with the 32nd pick in the NFL Draft, many questions entered the minds of Ravens fans. 

What does the pick mean for Joe Flacco? Will Jackson be able to start this season? Is a new era upon us in Baltimore?

Quickly after draft night, coach John Harbaugh cleared up any concerns about Flacco's future in 2018. 

"Joe Flacco is our quarterback. That's the thing we have to remember. Lamar's going to have a great chance to develop," coach Harbaugh stated.

The Ravens have provided lackluster receivers for Flacco in the past but this season, Baltimore has left no excuse for a mediocre season. They have added Michael Crabtree, Josh Brown, Willie Snead IV, and drafted multiple tight ends. Flacco has all the surrounding parts to produce the way he's being paid.

The question is would Jackson have any sort of impact in his first season? With the 2018 season underway, Harbaugh spoke about Jackson's role in the upcoming season.

“Gosh, I sure like him out there helping us. If you put two quarterbacks on the field at once, what options does it create for our offense? That’s what we’re trying to figure out..." via

He surely has been impressing leaders in the locker room.

The Ravens can use Jackson to their advantage with trick plays and for big plays, as Jackson's explosiveness is a rare trait. We all know the Ravens offense needs a spark after several years of dismal production. With talented players around Flacco, and an explosive (albeit unproven) player in Jackson, who's to say the Ravens can't rack up points come September? 

Jackson may not be the starter this season, but one thing is for sure. The Ravens look at him as their future.