Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Cincy Struggles Can Derail Ravens Long Term

September 14, 2018 - 10:50 am

By Austin Medina  

After the Ravens lost to the Bengals 34-23 Thursday night, they now have just won two of their past 10 meetings with Cincinnati. Going 2-8 in any stretch is always concerning and for the Ravens, it may be the reason they fail to win the AFC North, again.

The question is, who's to blame? 

Is it Joe Flacco's poor play against Cincy?

Is it the offensive line, which allowed four sacks and pressure all night long?

The Ravens haven’t won the AFC North division since 2012, when they won the Super Bowl. It’s no secret that their woes against the Bengals have started since 2013. The two lone wins aren’t going to cut it when pursuing a division crown.

It’s only getting harder for Baltimore.

The AFC North is as strong as its been in years. The Steelers, the defending division champions, have talent all over the field offensively. The Browns don’t appear to be the doormat they’ve been the past 15 years. The Browns have tons of talent on both sides, with a combination of solid veterans and young talent. And as stated earlier, the Ravens can’t shake the Bengals.

If the Ravens took care of their business with Cincy, the division crown would potentially fall in their laps. The Ravens play the Steelers tough every game. The Steelers dominate the Bengals, having won nine of the past 10 contests, including the Wild Card game in 2016.

Baltimore has to move on to the Broncos for the next game. However this problem with Cincinnati can’t be forgotten. There is no reason for the Bengals to have a 21-0 lead at any point of the game.

The questions have to direct at coach John Harbaugh. What’s the reason for Cincy having the Ravens number? On paper, the Ravens have the better coach. On the field, such hasn’t been proven head-to-head.