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Breaking News: Ravens Promote Greg Roman to Offensive Coordinator

Mornhinweg can stay, not as OC

January 11, 2019 - 10:25 am

By Austin Medina  

With changes of players comes changes of coaches. 

The Ravens change of offense mid-season under rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson gave a lot of hope for Ravens fans. The offense had a variety of different schemes, motions, and options which led to moving the chains under offensive coordinator Marty Monhinweg.

In the Wild Card playoff loss to Los Angeles where the Chargers had already seen Jackson, the Ravens offense was anemic. In the first half, the Ravens compiled just 55 yards of total offense.

The Ravens announced Friday that they are making a change at offensive coordinator.

Roman has been with the Ravens since 2017, as a tight ends coach and assistant head coach. It’s no surprise the Ravens, and Roman, love their fair share of tight ends. (Four tight ends drafted since 2015).

Roman has previously served as offensive coordinator under two other teams. With the 49ers, Roman oversaw a run-heavy offense with time of possession control similar to the present-day Ravens. When paired with a top defense (as the Ravens have), the 49ers made two NFC Championship games.

With the Bills, Roman led the league's best rushing attack in both seasons with help from LeSean McCoy. 

There are a few reasons why the Ravens seemingly made this move. 

As for Mornhinweg, it's been reported that he can stay with the Ravens but not as offensive coordinator. Yet with the demotion, Mornhinweg may look to be a coordinator for a new team in 2019. 

Having new offensive coordinators is nothing new for the Ravens. Baltimore has had six different offensive coordinators since 2012. With a new offensive direction, the Ravens have offically gone all-out in helping rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson.